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Secrets about Your Body That a Massage Therapist Knows
Is your skin "sensitive" to anything?
Why People Choose to do Lash Extensions
How Facial Treatments Can Improve Your Skin
Who is advising you on your skin type and product choices?


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Secrets about Your Body That a Massage Therapist Knows

A massage therapist can tell everything about your body in a one-hour session, from whether you need a comfy pillow to how much you were affected by those childhood accidents.
·         If you are constipated
A massage therapist feels it immediately. Usually, you stomach is firm, but it’s ok because we’ll get things moving in a short time. The massage will also teach you a few self-techniques.
·         If you have flaring allergies

Is your skin "sensitive" to anything?

Is your skin "sensitive" to anything? This is one of the first questions you can expect when going to a new place for a facial/ skin treatment. The answer to this is surprisingly similar with almost any client. They will hem & haw over their thoughts and answer. When they come to a conclusion as to how they will respond, it usually sounds something like this... "Well I have had some sensitivity to products before. Not sure exactly what it was but it made my skin red and irritated.

Why People Choose to do Lash Extensions

As an Esthetician that offers a wide variety of services, I am often asked why someone would "do that" (any service that sounds interesting or possibly scary). And my answer is almost always the same. "Well... it depends on the person and who doesn't love feeling beautiful!" My personal passion is to help peoplefeelas beautiful as they truly are from the inside out. Some of those services happen to enhance the exterior portion of our body. Is this vain? Or is it good self care?

How Facial Treatments Can Improve Your Skin

There are many ways that a facial can improve your skin. Even if you have a daily skin regimen that you follow faithfully, a facial can provide many benefits. Experts recommend that people with problematic skin book facials at least once a month.Facial treatments in Kirkland, performed by qualified professionals, can help your skin look and feel amazing.

A facial can help clear your pores. Most dermatologists agree that professional cleansing can clear your skin that home remedies simply can’t compare to.

Who is advising you on your skin type and product choices?

Skin type. Let’s talk about that! I have been touching faces for a pretty long time now and get to talk to people about their skin, what their concerns are and how to appropriately address them. But you know what happens eight out of ten times? They tell me what they think their skin type is and it usually sounds like this… “Well I typically have very sensitive skin and can’t use anything aggressive. I get red and itchy or it feels really dry.” So then my next question usually sounds like this… “What are you sensitive to or which products have caused those reactions?

The Ins and Outs of Self-Care

Over the last several weeks I have been working on our Spa Event. The theme of this event is onself-careandself-love. Now as women I think we all can come up with several things that we know to be good for us. Some right off the top of my head are to eat well, get enough sleep, exercise and have quiet time. Maybe even throw in a mani/ pedi too. Right?!Easier said than done.

When I think of the things that hold me back from completing these acts of self-care it often and quickly ends up being “their” fault.

New Year, New Lift! New Oxygen Facial

Is your skin feeling a little hung over from the insanity of the Holidays?

Between the kids being home from school, all the parties that we show up to trying to look our best, the sugary diets and those lovely in laws that came to visit… We can feel tired, dehydrated and overwhelmed. All of that shines through (or not) on our skin. 

Even as an Esthetician being diligent with skin care regimen at home, I can see the effects of the season on my forehead and around my eyes. That is where our NEW and EXCITING treatment comes in!

Benefits of Exfoliation

This is an excellent picture of the benefits of exfoliation. Exfoliating your skin deeply purifies skin, eliminates infections on skin's surface and boosts collagen production! 

For a deep exfoliation home treatment, try our ageless repair masque. Call the spa to place an order: 425-827-9770

The perfect solution and a perfect gift


The NEW Year is near! At The Sanctuary Spa we are fully prepared to provide you with the lavish facial treatments you deserve. Having your skin (and Lashes if you so desire) looking their best!

Through the season many of folks are trying to get good sleep, not eat too many sweets and still turn up looking beautiful for the next Holiday function. Just today a dear friend reported that during her lunch break she was rushing off to buy a new blouse for a great party tomorrow evening… Now that said, I’m pretty sure we can all assume that there was no resting, or major investment on what nutrients to feed her tired body from an already exhausting morning- getting the kids up, ready, fed and off to school, sitting in traffic to get to work and none the less, working.

Holiday Season Skincare Suggestions

The seasons have officially changed in the PNW and the rain and clouds are settling in for the long haul. The Holiday season has now rapidly approached and we are all gearing up for this busy time of year which  means less sleep, more activities and less "me" time. We all still want to look our best, party hopping, eating, drinking and enjoying (or not ;) the company of our family and friends.  All the while, our bodies and skin are taking the toll.

Do you ever notice that your skin care never quite works the same during the winter as it did during the summer?
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